Get to know us

AECŌR · was created to become a sanctuary of tranquility, connection, and self-discovery. Rooted in the Latin word "AECOR," meaning smooth, plain surface; calm; referring to the ocean & the sea. Our mission is to create serene environments and transformative experiences that allow for a deeper connection with self and the world around us. We design and hold sacred spaces for meditation, mindfulness, and immersive sensory experiences that open the door to inner peace and curiosity. Allowing our inner oceans to flow, the way there were intended to.


We believe in the power of creating and holding space for meaningful experiences. Our mission is to inspire, guide & co-create unique environments where the collective consciousness is elevated, by fostering a sensitivity to our attention. Through retreats, workshops, classes, and multifaceted collaborations, we aim to inspire curiosity, growth, and a deeper understanding of our inner and outer worlds.

Our Core Values

  • Authenticity : We create genuine, heartfelt experiences that resonate with the soul.

  • Transparency : We build trust through openness and honesty in all our interactions.

  • Creativity : We bring a unique artistic flair to everything we do, blending a tactile sensitivity and intention.

Meet the founder

Hannah Madsen is the visionary behind AECŌR · Space. Her journey into the world of mindfulness and self-connection began at the age of 18 when she discovered yoga for the first time. This initial encounter with yoga sparked a deeper connection to herself and opened the door to further exploration of spiritual practices.

At 24, Hannah made a decision to follow her intuition, leaving her full-time job and solo apartment in Copenhagen to move to Bali. This transformative experience allowed her to connect deeply with Mother Nature, herself, and a spiritual community that resonated with her on a soul level. During this time, Hannah transitioned into freelance work within interior styling and brand consultancy, bringing her unique creative vision to life.

Hannah's journey didn't stop there. She became a certified yoga teacher and continued to explore cultures worldwide, including those in Central America. This exploration has connected her with ancient traditions, ceremonies, and diverse communities, all sharing a common thread of deep, soulful connection.


Through AECŌR · Space, Hannah aims to create sacred environments and beautiful experiences that encourage people to connect deeply with themselves and their surroundings. Her mission to raise the vibration of the earth and our collective consciousness is experienced through the opening of the door to curiosity. Sharing tools & rituals for self-discovery and growth.

The vision for AECŌR · is to offer transcendent journeys through multifaceted co-creations in art, design, wellness and ceremony. By creating spaces that embody a spiritual connection to the senses, we hope to inspire and uplift individuals, fostering a sense of calm, reflection, and connection.

As the founder of AECŌR · Space, Hannah continues to lead with passion and purpose, dedicated to crafting meaningful experiences that resonate with the heart and the soul.

Looking to expand the AECŌR · team in 2024.